Let’s make it fly


Web shop and personal air travel assistant.

When Vliegtickets was launched in 2005, it was one of the first webshops for comparing and buying airline tickets. Subsequently many players followed, resulting in a commodity market with price as the only discriminator. Raymond Vrijenhoek (CEO) and Sander van Veen (Manager Marketing & E-commerce) challenged me to find a point of difference for Vliegtickets. A new vision to outshine the competition.

The team and I started by talking to customers, understanding their motivations and needs. Not surprisingly we learned that flying is only a means to an end – finding and booking the flight and getting to where you want to be has go smoothly and effortlessly and take up as little time as possible. And this is where Vliegtickets makes the difference: by making it as good to travel as it is to arrive.

Today, state-of-the-art technology helps Vliegtickets deliver against that! From the moment travelers first search for flights, to the moment they touch down at their destination, Vliegtickets acts as their dedicated air travel assistant. Offering a personalized, full-service air travel experience from door-to-door.

Based on the new brand positioning Mark Schuijt developed the new visual identity for Vliegtickets. And together with Fraser Bailey (copy) we captured the brand story and design in a brand guide.

“A brand designed for the future. Every feature points in the same direction, in the same voice.”
Sander van Veen

Manager Marketing & E-Commerce